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John Prince, October 13, 2007 John Prince is a Senior Member of ISA, first joining the organization in 1981. He is the current Delegate of the Los Angeles Section and ISA Delegate to the California Legislative Council of Professional Engineers. He has served as Section President (2006-7, 2011-12), Coordinator for the PE Exam Review Course (1994, 2005-2007), Webmaster (2003), Student Liaison to Cal Poly Pomona (2004) and is the current Newsletter Editor. John has also served as Program and Publicity Chairs for the ISA Los Angeles and ISA Orange County Sections.

John is the president of APG Analyzer Systems , which provides turn-key analyzer systems, on-site third party analyzer field service, field upgrading and training for analytical process and emissions monitoring systems and gas and liquid sampling systems for analyzers. John also is an analytical instrumentation consultant and technical writer specializing in instrumentation documentation and hardware service & operation manuals.

John has a BS in chemistry from North Carolina State University with minors in computer science and electronics. He began his career in analytical instrumentation in 1973 working as a student part time at the US Environmental Protection Agency . Remaining with EPA after graduation, he participated in building and operating some of the first environmental monitoring stations in the eastern US.

After working for EPA for several years, John left the government to work as an air pollution consultant whose clients included the States of Florida and Minnesota and local governments.

John then moved to the process analytical field, working as a sampling system applications engineer at analyzer manufacturers Teledyne Analytical Instruments, Beckman Instruments and Rosemount Analytical Inc., a division of Emerson Electric.

Before founding Analyzer Products Group (APG) in 1995, John was project manager at system integrator Measurementation, CEMS manufacturer KVB, and Horiba Instruments. As project manager, John commissioned and coordinated certification of the first Part 75 CEMS in the United States at Cincinnati Gas & Electric in 1993.

In his spare time, John maintains several websites, including California Legislative Council of Professional Engineers, Review Course for the Professional Engineering License Exam for Control Systems Engineering and S. California & Nevada ISA Newsletters.

He also likes bike trips, beautiful music and an occasional night on the town .

John Prince can be reached at ...

APG Analyzer Systems
PO Box 8241
Huntington Beach CA 92615
(714) 968-5501
Contact by email

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